Palace Ismahayana Hedgehogs

Palace Ismahayana Hedgehogs (tom jones)
Indonesia Holiday - Palace Ismahayana Hedgehogs

Hedgehogs Palace is located about 50 meters west of the River which divides the city Pinyuh Ngabang. The existence of the river that still functioned by the local community as this water transportation routes, heading toward Mungguk. Hedgehogs Sultanate Palace or Palace is located on Prince Street Sancanata, City Ngabang, Hedgehogs District, West Kalimantan Province, Indonesia.
Visiting the castle is somewhat special, because you not only can enjoy the uniqueness of the art of design-build houses on stilts Hedgehogs Sultanate Palace, but also collections of historical material on display there. The rest, you too can enjoy the beautiful river view post Pinyuh of the palace which is located not far from the Palace yard Ilir.  However, before that, it's good when you consider what the palace and also the history of sheltering Empire Hedgehogs with complex around the palace first. Hedgehogs in Ngabang Palace which was built overlooking the River this Pinyuh a series of typical Malay house on stilts West Kalimantan that extends to the rear. The palace has a foundation, floors and walls, and roof shingles from purchasing timber as its main ingredient. Building palaces that have a combination of gable and Limasan consists of two parts, the hall or meeting place (the front) and the sultan's residence (the back). Both parts are connected by a corridor of the palace which is also made of wood purchase.

This royal palace now serves as a museum, a showcase collections of heritage material sultans before Gustavo Suryansyah Amiruddin. Place display all objects of historic relics of the past Kingdom Hedgehogs are in the Palace of Ilir. Meanwhile, Ulu Palace serves as the residence of the relatives of the sultan. This museum consists of four rooms where each featuring a different type from the overall collection.

The first room is a space that was once used to receive royal guests. Here, you'll know how the history and development of the Kingdom of Hedgehogs in brief. The guide will tell you how the actions of the sultan and his subjects in the past. Or, you can also read it in Papyrus A Brief History of the Kingdom of the urchins dipampang on one wall of the room is adorned with two sets of tables and chairs this. In addition, in this place you can also see more of the king who ever ruled and how genealogy.

Furthermore, the guide you will be invited to enter a second room or living room where in the past, this space serves as the throne of the king and queen. Now, in this place you can see the photo documentation of various relatives of the king. Serving the royal form of documentation photos of past events which nicely framed and composed around the walls of the timber purchase. On one side of the room, framed by a neat replica of the throne of the king and queen with a bright color shades of Malay (golden yellow and green) along with royal banners that lined the right side and left the throne. This room is also enriched with ornaments Malay houses, such as yellow curtains and so forth.

After watching the things above, the guide will show you a collection of relics of the Sultanate of Hedgehogs are classified as cultural heritage and history. Among them: Crown Sultan Hedgehogs, Keris Sikanyut, a pair of magic swords, bed Panembahan and his wife, duplicate umbrella emperor, two kings fan, a set of gamelan, and Al Quran kuna. In addition, there are also other artefacts such as Cannons Sipenyuk and four other guns, palm tree king and a brief history of the Sultanate of Hedgehogs, family photos sultan, the flag of the empire, and the supply of traditional marriage ceremony of the wooden scales.

In the north of the palace, stands the Mosque Djami 'Porcupines palace which is still well maintained. This mosque was built by Gustavo Abdulazis Panembahan Akamuddin Kusuma (1895-1899). In addition, in the palace complex Hedgehogs are also graves of the kings and their relatives located + 100 m west of the Mosque Djami 'Palace Hedgehog. By some people, the cemetery is considered sacred and magical because to bring blessings. The tomb is unique, with a headstone that marks the difference between the graves of men and women. Round-shaped headstone for men, while women bernisan flat tomb.

After exploring the palace complex, of course you will be invited to stop by the depot Pandang. Look at this palace substations located right on the banks of the River Pinyuh. This place used to be a kind of terminal functions to the boats the guests sultan Hedgehog. Here, while you relax, you can see the beautiful scenery of the river water that flows slowly and lush trees. As part of the service visit to this palace complex, travelers will get a tour guide service. The guide, which incidentally is related to Hedgehogs Palace, will be telling stories well how the history of this palace. In addition, tourists will get brief descriptions of the art engineering, collection, and so forth.

For those of you who took the pilgrimage to the tomb of the king of Hedgehogs in Ngabang, will be accompanied by a tour guide as a series of visits to the Palace Ismahayana Hedgehog. From this guide, you will get various information about the complex story of the tomb of the kings and some relatives. In addition, also available restroom facilities and a mosque as a tourist. If you want to search for restaurants and lodging, then visit the city center, a distance Ngabang + 2 km from the palace complex of these urchins. In the city center, adequate facilities for tourists can be easily found.

From the bus terminal in the capital district Hedgehogs, Ngabang, tourists can ride motorcycles around the terminal to go to Princes Street Sancanata. Arriving in this way, you can immediately see the palace complex Hedgehogs located on the roadside.