Culture Bugis and Makassar

Culture Bugis and Makassar culture here refers to the people of South Sulawesi, especially ethnic Bugis and Makassar. Bugis are those who inhabit the district Bulukumba, Sinjai, Bone, Soppeng, Waji, Sidendeng, Rappang, Bollywood, Polewali-Mamasa, Enrekang, Luwu, Pare-Pare, New, Pangkajene Kepulana, and Maros. Meanwhile, the tribe inhabiting the region of Gowa Makassar, Takalas, Jeneponto, Bull, Maros, Pangkajene.


Bugis-speaking people and people Pugi Makassar Mangkasa language. Both these languages have their own script called Lontara alphabet, ie a system of letters sangsekerta letter. Since the rise of Islam, literature Bugis Makassar in tilis in Arabic and is called by the name Attack script.

Kinship System

In the case of marriage, people usually seek Bugis Makassar soul mate from his own village. This is called the ideal marriage. In terms of looking for soul mate and choice in marriage, the Bugis Makassar know some Bentu is as follows:

a. Marriage between first degree cousins, both the maternal and paternal.
b. Marriages between second degree cousins both the mother and father.
c. Marriage between a third-degree cousin of the father or mother.

Bugis Makassar people recognize patrilineal kinship system, followed by a pattern of settling patrilokal or neolokal. Petrilokal settlement pattern is the pattern in which wives stay followed her husband. Settlement pattern was a pattern neolokal is settled where after marriage the husband and wife living somewhere new.

The division of inheritance, the Bugis Makassar generally follow the legal procedures and the division of Islam.


Most people Bugis Makassar Muslim and only a small portion of the Protestant Christian or Catholic. The influence of Islam in the Bugis community in Makassar pervasive norms and system life. Before the arrival of Islam, the people of Makassar believe the gods crate Se'rea god (the god of Heaven), the supreme god who dwells in the highest heaven (Heaven boting). The cult of the god was carried out at the top houses (samulayang) abuak ceremony. In addition there is the god of sky god World. The world god set the world on duty. The cult of the World dwa conducted in the middle pole house (paccialah), the ceremony is called Attoana.