Fantastic Indonesia Vacations

Indonesia Vacations 2 Fantastic Indonesia VacationsIndonesia, the largest archipelago on the earth, is located at the Southeast of Asia. Indonesia is enriched with 18,110 islands, where only 6,000 of these islands are inhabited. With its thousands of islands, Indonesian population reaches the number over 230 million people, in which most of them are Muslim. That’s why, Indonesia is known as the largest Muslim population all around the world, and it is also in the fourth position of the world’s most populous countries, after China, India and USA. With all of these, Indonesia vacations will certainly be a great pleasure to experience.
When talking about the character of Indonesian people, they offer a great hospitality to the foreigners most of the time.
Indonesia is a tropical country that has 2 seasons which are the dry and the wet seasons. It is highly recommended to have Indonesia vacation in the dry season which is usually around April to October. At these times, the weather is nice, and the humidity is less than in the wet season. However, it does not close any possibility to have Indonesia vacation in most of Indonesian parts during the wet season. However, you need to remember that there will be some activities restriction due to the constant raining in the wet season.
Although Indonesia offers a great range of tourism destinations, the most famous ones for Indonesia vacations will the Bali island (with its Nusa Dua Bali, Kuta Beach Bali, Sanur Bali, Ubud Bali), Lake Toba (Medan), Lombok Island ( also Gili Islands Lombok), Bunaken ( at the North of Sulawesi), Jakarta ( the Indonesian capital), Bandung and Yogyakarta. These places will give you a memorable Indonesia vacations.
Interesting places in Indonesia
Indonesia Vacations 3 Fantastic Indonesia VacationsIndonesia is very rich with the culture and has a very beautiful nature. If the tourism destinations all around islands in Indonesia are well and more seriously managed, Indonesia vacations can certainly be a paradise for the travelers. Bali Island is the most well-known tourism destination in Indonesia. Bali has become the second most visited tourism destination in the world after Hawaii. If you feel like doing an adventurous travel, you can try Bali diving, Lombok diving, Bali snorkeling, Lombok surf, Bali Fishing, Golf in Bali, Bali cruises, Elephant Safari Park Bali, Biking in Lombok or you may just try Diving in Bunaken where you will find the most beautiful underworld view in the North Sumatera.
If your favorite activities involve hiking and climbing, you can try to visit some mountains and volcanoes, some of them are Mount Bromo, Mount Tangkuban Perahu, Mount Jayapura, Mount Rinjani Lombok and Mount Agung Bali.
Indonesia Vacations Fantastic Indonesia Vacations
Mount Rinjani Lombok
Indonesia is famous with its beautiful beaches, such as Kuta Beach Bali, Senggigi Beach Lombok, Sanur Beach Bali, and many others. Besides that, the beauty of Indonesian nature can be seen from the rice plantation in Ubud Bali, the tea plantation in Bandung, Ciwidey and Puncak. Or you may head to North Sumatera to visit Lake Toba, a wide magnificent lake, for Indonesia Vacations experience.
If you are interested in the variety of cultures, Indonesia is the right place to go because it has more than 1000 customs and languages. Every region in Indonesia has its own language, however their unity language is Bahasa Indonesia. Besides that the Indonesia vacations will not be complete without the presence of various traditional dances originated from every region in Indonesia.
Shopping in Indonesia
If you love shopping, Indonesia vacations will offer you a great range of shopping goods. The famous ones among them will be krises ( small dagers), woodcarvings and sculpture, Bamboo articles, silver and gold jewelry, bamboo articles, paintings, woven cloth, and of course batik cloth.
Indonesia Vacations 4 Fantastic Indonesia VacationsOne of some best places for shopping is Bali. You are able to find a great variety of arts and crafts, souvenirs, woodcarvings, and batik. In almost every tourism destination in Bali, you will find lots of street vendors along the crowded main street offering their goods to tourist. However, despite of the great range of goods variety, the prices offered are sometimes too high these items. This is when your bargaining skill is coming handy. The bargaining skill is very required when you want to buy certain item in these street vendors.
Recently, there are many luxurious shopping malls in almost every region in Indonesia, such the ones in Jakarta, Bandung, Yogyakarta and Bali. Jakarta shopping, Bandung Shopping, Bali Shopping, Yogyakarta Shopping, and so many more are the activities you can have for getting any local or international goods. These shopping malls adopted western style. They are usually offering western fast food restaurants and clothes shops. The prices in these shopping malls are the fixed ones. The greatest variety of malls in Indonesia can be found in Jakarta. However, if you want to get traditional handicrafts, you need to head to a more remote region or town where these traditional handicrafts are commonly made locally. Herewith, have a fantastic Indonesia vacations.