Indonesia Travel - Tomb of the Seven Keramat

Tomb of the Seven Keramat (michael vick)
Indonesia Travel - Tomb of the Seven Keramat

Tomb Seven located at Jalan Keramat Prince Kusuma Jaya, Ketapang, about 4 km from the villages Noble Kerta. Tomb Kramat is a complex of seven old place of interment relatives buried Matan Sultanate. The complex is called Keramat Seven because when discovered, in this complex there are only seven tombstones (graves). Although later found several gravestones, the complex is still referred to by the name of Keramat Seven Mosque.
At certain moments, such as the holy day of Islam, many visitors to this complex. The visitors not only from the local area, but some also came from abroad, like Germany, America, Singapore, Brunei Darussalam, and Malaysia. They came to the Masjid Keramat Seven with different purposes. Most of it came to do the pilgrimage. However, there also came with the intention of doing historical research, for example, the archaeologist from the University of Indonesia (UI) in Jakarta. By reviewing Masjid Keramat Seven, the researchers are trying to find out about the spread of Islam in the archipelago.

At the Tomb of the Seven Keramat, there is a gravestone that numerical year 1363 Saka (1441 AD). This year's figures show that Islam came into Ketapang (formerly the Tanjungpura) before the year 1441 AD. Thus, the Tomb of the Seven Keramat is the oldest historical evidence about the spread of Islam in West Kalimantan initiated by the Government Tanjungpura. The figure in 1441 AD also show that Islamic civilization into Western Kalimantan along with the golden age of Islam in Singapore.

Tie in the complex form is influenced by the characteristics of Islam which is very thick. This indicates that the community has identified Islamic Tanjungpura prior to 1441 AD. In addition, the shape of the gravestone also indicates that communities in the funeral procession Tanjungpura implemented by means of the Islami. Makam Keramat seven so significant for the Ketapang to serve as a benchmark to set the birthday DISTRICT Ketapang, which is 1363 Saka (1441 AD). However, birthdays are still subject to change because there is a possibility that there is another tie that is older than that date.

Keramat Seven tombs believed to have good luck and are often the place to find a blessing. Some visitors make the tomb as a place to fulfill the vows and find the cure. Besides functioning as an area interment, Makam Keramat Seven is also the same time as "laboratories" of history. Because, in this cemetery are many historical artifacts that refer to past situations in the district government authority Tanjungpura, West Kalimantan. In this tomb complex, there is a hall normally used by apra visitors to unwind. Houses interpreter lock the tomb is located not far from the tomb. Interpreter is usually key to driving visitors to see more about Tomb of the Seven Keramat.

This mausoleum is about 10 minutes by car from the Government palace Matan or 15 minutes from downtown Ketapang.