Jambi Cullinary

Gulai Ikan Patin (Patin Fish Curry)

Patin Fish Curry is a typical fish curry cooked in almost all Jambi people homes.  This basic recipe uses a special ingredient called tempoyak or fermented durian (a kind of fruit with hard thorny skin). However some people might use coconut milk instead of tempoyak due to its strong flovour and smell.   Patin fish cooked with tempoyak (or coconut milk),red chilli,lengkuas (galangal), serai (lemon grass), kunyit (fresh turmeric root),shallots and garlic.   

Padamaran (Steamed rice flour pudding)

This pudding made of rice flour and coconut milk cooked by steaming. The green color and its unique essence come from the pandan leaves (Screwpine). brown sugar added makes it sweet.This dessert is served  in a cup made of banana leaves.

Dendeng Batokok  

Dendeng Batokok basically is grilled marinated meat.The beef is made to thin by smashing it with hammer and then being grilled.
Then mix them up with sambal merah or red spicy sauce.This dish is originally from Kerinci Regency, highland region in Jambi Province.The dish suits the most with Payo steamed rice.Have a taste.

Nasi Minyak (Spice-Flovored Rice)

Nasi Minyak is rice cooked in milk, tomato and samin oil.It is made aromatic with many of spices like ginger,jintan manis (fennel), jintan putih (cumin),  kayu manis (cinnamon) and cengkih (cloves). The dish is influenced by Arabian cooking and usually served on special occasion like wedding party and other ceremonies. This rice is served with cucumber and onion pickles, beef or chicken curry, spicy pineapple and shrimp crackers.


Empek-empek is a fish cake mixed with sweet, hot and sour sauce.Actually Empek-empek is a local dish from South Sumatera. Since Jambi is located near to South Sumatera. This dish is also poppular here.Some even say that Empek-empek made in Jambi is more delicious than that of Palembang (the capitol city of South Sumatera).
There are two versions of Empek-empek that are so famous; Empek-empek Kapal Selam (this one is with egg filling) and the ordinary Empek-empek (this one with no filling). The kind of fish used to make Empek-empek is Tengiri and the sauce itself is made from palm sugar, garlic, red chilli, vinegar and dried shrimp (ebi).It is served with cucumber slices and yellow noodle.


Tekwan is also a local dish from South Sumatera that also popular in Jambi. Tekwan is a kind of fish ball in light soup.The fish balls are made from fresh Tengiri and sago flour. The light soup itself is made of fresh shrimp, garlic, jamur kuping (cloud ear mushroom), sedap malam (tiger lily blossoms).  Tekwan is served with cellophane noodles, celery, jicama (bengkuang) anf fried shallot on top.

Martabak Mesir

The basic ingredients is egg mixed with a lot of leak and meat, wrapped with thin wheat skin and fried.The meal is served with sour sauce that conist of cucumber pickes ang bird eye chilli papers.