Muara Takus Buddhist Temple, Unknown in the Outside World

Muara Takus Temple is one of the leading tourist attractions in the Riau province of Kampar regency. After tracing the Mountain Palace tourist Sahilan some time ago, seeing and considering the list of Kampar tour so I decided to visit the Muara Takus Temple.

As usual, this time I was also accompanied by a beautiful girl and no less beautiful as the girl who accompanied me through Castle Mountain time Sahilan, * narcissistic mode on *. Sunday morning, all the equipment has been eating prepared the night. Location Muara Takus Temple is quite far from the capital city of Pekanbaru in Riau Province, about 135 kilometers. So we decided to go in the morning. Is expected to take approximately three hours.

Muara Takus Buddhist Temple
When all is ready, we went to use my crappy bike "Bekisar Red" always faithful to accompany: Astrea Star '88. The weather was quite sunny morning. Along the way to the Muara Takus Temple accompanied our green landscapes and villages. Through the village and then crossing the bridge Rumbio twins, to the Village Water Tiris the fields are yellow.

After over an hour until we reached the City Bangkinang Kampar regency capital. Here we find the imposing building of religious Islamic Center Bangkinang (ICB), I think it was going to be the next target nih. We were just passing through Bangkinang City, after that we passed the village of Salo and soon we arrived at a long bridge underneath which flows a large river and used by communities to fish kerambah business. We even took a break.

Muara Takus Buddhist Temple
Suddenly, the girl asked "Far more huh?" He said, "Oh no .. soon, after this bridge you will find a cross towards the right, it was he, "I replied. Do not want to waste my time I turn on the red Bekisar and we had great berlu of the long bridge.
Shortly thereafter, "Hey it's her brother crossroad," she said happily. A signpost bertiliskan name "Candi Muara Takus 19km." That means that we have found the location of the temple, which is in the village Muara Takus, District XIII Koto Kampar.

Soon we reached Muara Takus Temple complex. The distance between this temple complex in the Muara Takus village center approximately 2.5 miles and not far from the edge of Kampar Kanan river. This temple complex surrounded by walls made of sandstone, measuring 74 x 74 feet square, outside there is also arealnya earthen wall measuring 1.5 x 1.5 kilometers surrounding this complex to the Kampar Kanan river.

Then we entered the temple area, we were greeted by a guard station where tax money goes mangkalnya for each visitor Muara Takus Temple. Soon after our eyes are presented stunning scenery, four buildings located within the complex. Old Temple of the greatest, next to Temple Youngest and Mahligai Stupa and Palangka. Temple building material composed of sandstone, river rock and brick-stacking composed only. According to sources Tempatan, bricks for this building built in the village Pongkai, a village located on the downstream side of the temple complex.

Former mining land for the bricks until now regarded as a highly respected residents. To carry bricks to the temple, done in relay from hand to hand. This story must be true although not yet give the impression that temple building was the work together and conducted by the crowds.

Apart from the old temple, the temple Youngest, and Palangka Mahligai Stupa, in the temple complex was also found that mound kiln is estimated as human bones.

Outside the compound there are also buildings (the former) is made of brick, which has not been established types of buildings. The temple is a proof budhistis this pernahnya Buddhism flourished in this region several centuries ago. Nevertheless, archaeological experts can not determine exactly when this temple was founded. Some say the eleventh century, some say the fourth century, seventh century, the ninth century, and so on. But clearly this temple complex is a relic of the past.

However, There are many other historical relics found here from the results of several studies. One was research conducted by the Center for Ancient Research and Field National Archeological Museum History and Antiquities MOEC provincial office in 1977 Riau Province ago. Stating that Muara Takus temples consists of four buildings of the temple, and six buildings.

That building I, II building, building III, IV buildings, buildings V and VI buildings, fences and dikes around the ancient (Arden wall). The building of the pile I land with two holes, it is estimated some crematory. One hole to enter the body and the other to remove the ashes. Building II of the former building foundation made of sand stone square. Until now not known what exactly the building and its function.

Building III located outside the fence, about 135m from the temple Mahligai. Buildings are lined with this brick-shaped rectangle with a size of 3m x 2.4 m. approximately 298m northwest Mahligai Temple IV is building a mound of dirt. Excavations conducted in 1993 and was found inside the brick structure.

Buildings V and VI are at a distance 334m west Mahligai Temple. Buildings are only the foundations and the body only, while the top has been damaged and collapsed. Fence made of sand square, temples around 74m x 74m area is different from other physical building, sandstone on this fence looks a little dark and mossy. This fence is the only temple site Muara Takus still awake danbelum restoration ever conducted.

Arden Wall (Ancient Embankment), is to kedukan land surrounding moat Muara Takus temples along the four miles. At the bottom consists of pebbles filled with soil, dn the top dutanami Chinese Bamboo mrnahan embankment works to avoid collapse.

Not only that, the results from other studies conclude that this building is a sacred Buddhist building and is expected have a close connection with the Sovereignty of Sriwijaya. While DR.F.M. Schnitger, experts here also conducts research estimates that the existing temple temple is a tomb of kings.

Well ... yes the story is also exciting. I guess time to go home ya, eits .. before moving from the Muara Takus temple complex, we met a friend who lives in Kampar district, also visited. Then I snap deh ... ok buddy. See you again dicerita and more exciting adventure.

By the why, the story of this Muara Takus Temple been written by my friend, Anthony Bianco from Australia, please also read his writings: Muara Takus Buddhist Temple, Its Not In My Guidebook. It was the experience he had when traveling in Pekanbaru Riau. This proves that the current poor governance in managing the tourism objects, objects of cultural and other reserves that more attention must be true. So writing this my friend, can states that Muara Takus "unknown temple" in the world outside (the State other than Indonesia)