Padang, The Paradise City

If you go to the island of Sumatra, I recommend to the city of Padang. The city has very beautiful scenery and interesting. Because this city has a feel of completeness, the beach and the mountains. The city is surrounded by mountains in the north and east of town, and on the western coast.
Padang is very easy to be visited, because the fleet of land, sea and air is very smooth available. From Jakarta by using the bus, and is about 32 hours, while the aircraft about 2 hours. Padang city is very difficult to be forgetted. I love information, which attract around Padang city. If your hobby is to the beach, the Padang is the right option in this city.
There are many coastal locations:
Padang beach. Name coastal Padang because this location is located in the middle of the city of Padang, namely Beirut highway market, we can go to the location of the walk takes about 5 minutes.
Nirvana Beach Park. Located on the edge of Padang city approximately takes 40 minutes by car. Features of this beach is the natural ecosystems that are in the vicinity of the beach such as sea shells, crabs, oysters, etc.
A bunch of sand beach is located 25 km from the city of Padang. It is this beach coconut tree at the edge of the beach. And many other coastal beaches, such as sweet water (coastal master kundang), etc. marcelinhopqd coast. Besides the beautiful beaches,hills and mountains, the city is very neat, clean and orderly enough. Also known also as a city famous for education in the island of Sumatra. The quality of education in this city is not lost with the island of Java. Here lies the University of Andalas, which is located on a hill. From this place we can see the views of the city of Padang and the beach from a height. There is also Bung Hatta University, which is located in jl. Ulak Karang, located in the west coast city of Padang even displaced beach sand and is very beautiful with coconut trees, which flow beautifully.The other university is Universitas Negeri Padang, locate at the center of Padang.
Fleet in the city available numbers, mini-buses, taxis also. Even my taxi rate in this city is the most orderly in Indonesia. Because we are very comfortable and secure, with the price of the rules. Padang is also one gate to the first tourist attractions in West Sumatra. As Bukit Tinggi, Solok, Padangpanjang, Mentawai and others.