Sultan Djami Hedgehogs Mosque

Sultan Djami Hedgehogs Mosque (anthony weiner)
Indonesia Travel - Sultan Djami Hedgehogs Mosque

Sultan Djami Hedgehogs Mosque located in Visit Kusuma Sancanata Prince, Palace or Palace of the Sultanate of complex Hedgehogs located in Inland Village, Town Ngabang, Hedgehogs District, West Kalimantan Province, Indonesia. In the mosque Djami 'Porcupines Palace has around 400 m2 building area, tourists will capture the nuances of the religiosity of the Muslims in the village of Inland who clustered around the palace complex.
If you visit the mosque at dusk when the day went, on the western horizon when the sky began to redden and towards the sunset call to prayer reverberating, it appears people are beginning to come to the mosque. Parents, youth, the students boarding school not far from the palace, and small children running from all directions and one by one toward the mosque door facing east. Inside the mosque, pilgrims daughter occupies the left side that are sealed with a white cloth curtain. Meanwhile, male pilgrims make the rows in the front center and followed the children in the back row of an adult male. They looked solemn conduct sunset prayers. Finished praying, some of them usually take the time to dhikr moment.

Entering the mosque, tourists will find the construction of the mosque building that looks simple but strong. With the purchase of wood as the main elements and roof shingles are made from similar, the mosque has four pillars of the wood is intact still charming. This is because in each of its corners decorated with ornaments look of carved wood verses of holy Quran and the typical Malay motifs. The combination light blue and ivory white on the walls and pillars of the mosque also add a cool picture of the whole mosque.

As part of the visit to the Palace Palace Hedgehogs, travelers who visited the great mosque empire Hedgehogs will get a tour guide service. The guide will tell how well the history of this mosque. In addition, tourists will find brief descriptions about the art of design-build this mosque from him. Not far from the mosque, travelers who want to wipe the face with water because the hot air temperature there, provided water to the tap-tap is used for ablution. In addition to the place, there is also a toilet that can be used free of charge for travelers in need.

From the bus terminal Ngabang, District Hedgehogs, tourists can ride motorcycles who hung around the terminal to go to the palace complex of Hedgehog. Arriving in this complex, visitors only need to walk about 50 meters to the north of the building the Palace Palace Hedgehog.