Tomb Kings Hedgehogs

Tomb Kings Hedgehogs (evelyn lozada)
Indonesia Holiday - Tomb Kings Hedgehogs

As an integral part of the palace complex of Hedgehog, the tomb of the kings of Hedgehogs and relatives is located ± 120 m to the west of Sultan Mosque Djami `Hedgehog. Or, at Prince Street Sancanata Kusuma, Hedgehogs Sultanate Palace complex, Inland Village, Town Ngabang, Hedgehogs District, West Kalimantan Province, Indonesia.
Hedgehogs Palace Complex is located in the City Ngabang, Hedgehogs District, West Kalimantan, has three main elements, namely the Palace Ismahayana Hedgehogs, mosques Djami 'Palace Hedgehogs, as well as the graves of the sultans Kingdom Hedgehogs and relatives. Considered incomplete, if tourists do not come on a pilgrimage to the tomb of the kings of Hedgehog during a visit to the palace complex of Hedgehog. The tomb of the sultan and his relatives is located west of the Mosque Djami 'Palace Hedgehog.

Not only limited to the values of history that can only be obtained when you visit the burial site of the kings of the Sultanate of these urchins. Rather, at the tomb of ± 700 m², you will capture the atmosphere or the atmosphere is calm, quiet, in order then to be solemn ponder how their struggle as a community leader Hedgehogs when Dutch colonialists against the inhumanity and cruelty of Japanese soldiers.

The tomb is unique, with the shape of each headstone that marks the difference between the graves of men and women. Round-shaped headstone for men, while women her gravestone flat tomb. Some headstones are made of wood and some other purchases from the stone. Nisan king golden yellow, while not the king's palace for the relatives of pale blue and part white.

By some people, the cemetery is considered sacred king Hedgehogs and magical. For those who believe in it, the tomb is regarded as efficacious place to pray and to bring blessings. For those of you who took the pilgrimage to the tomb of the king of Hedgehogs in Ngabang will be accompanied by a tour guide as a series of visits to the Palace Ismahayana Hedgehog. From this guide, you will get various stories about the tomb complex of the kings and some of his relatives is because the guide is still the family palace.

In addition, also available restroom facilities and a mosque as a tourist. If you want to search for restaurants and lodging, then visit the downtown Ngabang ± 2 km away from the Tomb of the Kings of this Hedgehog. In the city center, adequate facilities for tourists can be easily found. From the bus terminal Hedgehogs district capital, Ngabang, tourists can ride motorcycles which hung around terminal for leading to the palace complex of Hedgehog.