Tomb of King Pontianak Sultanate Kadriah

Tomb of King Pontianak Sultanate Kadriah (ronnie brown)
Indonesia Travel - Tomb of King Pontianak Sultanate Kadriah

The graves of the sultans in the Sultanate of Pontianak Kadriah located in an area called Stone Overpass, located approximately 15 kilometers from the mouth of the Kapuas River or 2 kilometers from the Equator monument in Stone Overpass, Pontianak. Stone Overpass is a complex tomb of the sultan of the Sultanate Kadriah cemetery since the first sultan, Sultan Abdurrahman Sharif Alkadrie, until the last sultan, Sultan Hamid II Alkadrie.
In this cemetery complex, also buried the empress and the prince Kadriah Pontianak Sultanate. Stone Overpass cemetery has been built since the reign of Sultan Abdurrahman Sharif Alkadrie (1771-1808 AD). The existence of this tomb can not be separated from the establishment of Abdurrahman Pontianak by Syarief Alkadrie. The visitors will enter the tomb must be going through the gate that was painted in yellow. The color yellow is also present in the cement fence surrounding the cemetery complex. After going through the gate and that leads the entrance, visitors are required to remove footwear.

Mausoleum of Sultan Sharif Abd Alkadrie, founder of the Sultanate of Pontianak Kadriah, looks to be the central area of this cemetery. The tomb is located in the middle, straight with the road when the visitors will enter the cemetery complex. Mausoleum of Sultan Sharif Abd Alkadrie placed in a single room that is similar to a small bunker, so the visitors would enter the tomb should bow their heads. Making this kind of place is more meaningful symbolic, with the intention that the visitors who will enter his head as a form of homage to the founder of the Sultanate of Pontianak Kadriah.

The sultan's tomb here mostly have the same color marker, namely gold. In addition, the tombstones in the cemetery is also written in Arabic script which symbolizes that it breathe Pontianak Sultanate Kadriah Islam. This is consistent with the history of the establishment by the Sultan of Pontianak Sultanate Kadriah Alkadrie Abdurrahman Sharif, who was a cleric of the area called Hadramaut, South Yemen.

The combination of yellow (gold) which represents the typical Malay colors combined with the nuances of Arabic writings of Islam shows that Pontianak Sultanate Kadriah builds upon the mixing of cultures, at least is dominated by two cultures, namely Arabic and Malay. Reflection of cultural fusion is even carried on the shape of gravestones and tombs at Stone Overpass this. Outside the cemetery complex, looking mound of stone painted with the color green. This mound is called a Stone Fly. Near Stone Overpass, there is a cannon that was painted in yellow.

Stone Overpass ordinary tomb visited before or during major holidays such as Eid al-Fitr Islam, Birth of the Prophet Muhammad, and others. Stone Overpass tomb cemetery is a place for the sultan in the Sultanate of Pontianak Kadriah. This place is storing historical evidence of the greatness of the Sultanate and the forerunner to the establishment Kadriah Pontianak. Architecture (tombstones) which is a blend of Islam and Malay culture evident in this tomb. Outside the cemetery complex, there is a mosque that can be used to pray at the same time pray for the souls of the sultan and the sultan's family had been buried in the Tomb of Stone Fly. Besides surau, around the tomb there are also small shops that provide a variety of foods and beverages to serve the visitors who want to eat and drink.

Stone Overpass tomb can be reached by car about 15 minutes from the Equator monument. Can also be reached by water transportation of canoes from the Port of Pontianak.