Traditional Malay Houses Ketapang

Traditional Malay Houses Ketapang (rose mcgowan)
Indonesia Tourism - Traditional Malay Houses Ketapang
Traditional Malay houses are located in the Village Ketapang New Noble, Pawan Delta District, approximately 2 miles from downtown Ketapang. Ketapang is one of the districts in West Kalimantan province with a lot of tourism potential. Besides beaches, palaces, and tombs, in Ketapang Malay Traditional House also stands as one of the attractions of special interest.
Viewed physically, Ketapang Malay Traditional House consists of three main buildings, namely the main building measuring 20 x 30 meters, building bird Hall Sari measuring 9 x 15 meters and Hall balcony measuring 6 x 30 meters. All three buildings are built on 2 hectares of land. Traditional Malay Houses Ketapang is witness of the historical development of Malay culture. This is where, on May 29, 2009 made the declaration and the inauguration committee Serantau Malay Customary Institution (lams).

Traditional Malay Houses Ketapang established with the aim to preserve the cultural values that exist and also to revive the values of traditional Malay culture Ketapang. Moreover, the purpose of building Ketapang Malay Traditional House is to provide knowledge to younger generations of indigenous Malay culture Ketapang the truth. The goal is to have two sides, namely the culture and tourism. Seen from the cultural side, the effort to preserve and provide practical knowledge to the younger generation can be achieved with the construction of Malay traditional house Ketapang that characterizes the Islamic Malay architecture.

In terms of tourism, Ketapang Malay traditional house offers charm as a tourist destination in Ketapang. The proof, many young people who visited this place. Besides enjoying the panoramic beauty and grandeur of Malay Traditional House Ketapang, many young people who use the land around Ketapang Malay Traditional House for their hobby. Some of the sports facilities built in this place eventually. Call it a volleyball court and place of manufacture as well as storage (garage) which is usually used for canoe canoe race.

Traditional Malay Houses Ketapang built of wood raw material purchases (ironwood). The timber is imported from HPH "Alas Kusuma". In addition to the house poles and ladders, the entire floor and walls are made using wood purchases. Traditional Malay Houses Ketapang is supported on a foundation made of wood purchases. Basic foundation created by the ironwood of 180 rods with size 20 x 20 cm and a height of 1 meter. The foundations were then backfilled with sand pumped from the river Pawan. This is necessary because of the location where Ketapang Malay traditional house is built was formerly a swamp so that the necessary process of soil compaction.

The second foundation is also made of wood purchases of the same size with a height of 2 m. The second foundation covered with wooden boards purchase, then newly built pillars to support the walls and roof of the building. Traditional Malay Houses Ketapang provide an exotic panorama. The house is situated on the riverside Pawan provides a direct view over the river is unsightly.

For the visitors who come in groups, using private cars, and motorcycles, in the House of Traditional Malay Ketapang page provided (for parking) is very broad. In addition, access to the site have also been made a smooth paved road. For visitors who want to gain experience of water travel, around the Malay Traditional House Ketapang also built a small dock to sit and enjoy the beauty of the river Pawan.

In addition, several sports facilities are also built around the Malay Traditional House Ketapang, such as a volleyball court. In fact, not far from Ketapang Malay Traditional House also built a workshop for making and repairing as well as a storage area (garage) canoe. The canoe is usually used in some traditional canoe race.

Visitors will enjoy the sights of Malay Traditional House Ketapang can travel by 4 or 2 wheel drive vehicles with a travel time of about 10 minutes from the city Ketapang.