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West Kalimantan Malay house is located on Jl. Sutan Syahrir, Pontianak, West Kalimantan Province, Indonesia. On May 17, 2003, the first pole Malay House West Kalimantan (Kalbar) plugged. In his speech, Governor of West Kalimantan, Usman Ja'far, deliver advice and a mountain of expectations. Two years later, 9 November 2005, the dream home a symbol of the Malays and Malay tamaddun glory on earth Borneo was inaugurated by Vice President Jusuf Kalla.
There is pride which was engraved, and a pile of expectations since the Malay house was unveiled. Start the idea of making it as a "Center of the Malay Culture" or a Malay cultural center in West Kalimantan, to the hopes of providing a flagship attraction, both nationally and internationally. Indeed, the above expectations are not too excessive, at least if we see the splendor of the building results rekagrafis Ir. Ari Januarif this. If the home is regarded as a representation of the Malay house, maybe we could think of where a Malay house as grand and luxurious as this. Even much larger and grander than the Malay royal palaces in West Kalimantan, such as the Palace Kadriah in Pontianak, the Palace Amantubillah in Mempawah, or Palace of Al Watzikubillah in Sambas.

Since inaugurated, West Kalimantan Malay house has been visited by many tourists, both domestic and foreign tourists. In addition, every important event related to perpetuate the ideals of glory tamaddun Malays also held in this house, such as the Majlis Adat deliberation Malay Culture (MABM), exhibitions of Malay culture, and others.
The specialty of the most visible of the buildings of West Kalimantan Malay House is the architectural splendor and completeness of its facilities. Building materials made from wood selection, spacious hall, the floor was slick and shiny, the stage is large and sturdy, and light dressing to look beautiful. This house does have almost all of the requirements to be a cultural center.
The building that stands on an area of 1.4 hectares is made up of seven parts of buildings, namely: the Hall (exhibition and meeting place), Work Center (the secretariat of the meeting), Hall of the People (playground and kiosk sales), Balai Pustaka (the study culture and libraries), Cultural Center (meeting rooms, studio closed, and space management), Open Stage (the hearing room, amphitheater, and warehouse), and Guesthouse (lodging, meetings, health clinics, and training sites).

Although it looks very modern, the house is still accommodate Malay architectural style Malay houses in West Kalimantan in general, which is shaped house on stilts, has a spacious terrace, and has a lot of stairs. Form the stage with a high ladder and many not without reason. In tropical areas, pit beneath the stage is intended as a heat sink so as not to go straight to the house.

The roof of the building houses the Malays in West Kalimantan, allegedly under the influence of the shape of the roof the building in Java. Triangular roof model has a maximum elevation of 30 degrees, is so that hot air trapped under the roof first and not directly reach the inside of the house. High pit at the bottom and roof of the triangle at the top is a form of Malay privileges in home architecture to adapt to tropical climates. This is part of the policy of the Malays of old, which is not only concerned with form, but also consider the function of each part of the building. West Kalimantan Malay house is equipped with facilities and accommodation facilities are quite complete, such as lodging, meeting rooms, library, playground, and a large parking area. Not far from the location of the Malay house, visitors can also find means of accommodation and facilities are complete, such as hotels, restaurants, banks, ATMs, gas stations, malls, and others.

West Kalimantan Malay house is not too difficult to access. From Supodio Airport, Pontianak, West Kalimantan, the trip is about 20 km or takes approximately 25 minutes can be reached by taxi or rental car use.