Aug 9, 2011

Shopping in Indonesia

1:13 PM
Shopping in Indonesia - There are plenty of things to shop in Indonesia. Among the favorite shopping items are batik cloth, woodcarvings and sculpture, silverwork, woven baskets and hats, bamboo articles, krises (small daggers), paintings and woven cloth.

Bali is the best place to shop in Indonesia, with every conceivable item readily available. This is an excellent place to buy an incredible variety of souvenirs, arts and crafts, clothes, batik, and woodcarvings. Street vendors line kilometers worth of roads. Although the availability and range of goods here is excellent, this may not be the cheapest place to buy items. Prices are often ridiculously high and you are required to use all your bargaining skills.

To purchase traditional arts and crafts at much cheaper prices it is best to head out to the smaller, more remote towns in the archipelago. Markets and vendors in these areas will only sell arts and crafts made locally. Along with these more traditional street stalls, there are large western style malls in some of the bigger cities. They house more up market clothes shops and western fast food restaurants. Jakarta has the largest array of these malls. Prices here are normally fixed.

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