Aug 16, 2011

Kebaya, Indonesia Cultural Heritage

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Indonesia has a cultural heritage that is priceless. With ethnic diversity that exists and each has its own customs, making Indonesia a diverse work culture. One of them, such as kebaya, which has become the national dress. Kebaya present as a manifestation of cultural creations that high. Decades ago, the model kebaya looks "normal", more so if you see the past, like in the era of Kartini. At that time, the kebaya was more like clothes that use common areas aligned with long-patterned fabric that is generally derived from Java. Overall performance even without using a lot of detail, so impressed "ancient". 

Types of National Kebaya 
Kartini's Kebaya 
Model kebaya worn by royal women during the era of RA Kartini. Not surprisingly, this model kebaya termed Kebaya Kartini. The pieces are similar to Kebaya Encim, but there are differences, which folds on the chest. Long kebaya also closed pelvis.Another distinctive feature is a collar which folds to form a vertical line, thus making the wearer seem taller and slimmer. 

Encim's Kebaya 

Is the result of a combination of clothing typical Shanghai China with typical Malay kebaya. Usually this encim kebaya made of organdy or cotton, the model V collar with embroidered along the collar to bottom (the side which is continuous until the collar). 

Java's Kebaya 

Kebaya this model with a simple shape cut V neck, long to close the pelvis. Usually giving the impression his motive is simple. Material usually made of cloth is applied with patterned transparent underwear top. 

Bali's Kebaya 

The form details of Balinese kebaya additional obi is wrapped around the waist. 

Materials are usually of brocade and cotton fabrics. Additional obi can be directly mounted on a kebaya or may be a fabric that is added separately from the kebaya. 

Kutubaru's Kebaya 

Basically the same shape as the kebaya generally, it's just that what distinguishes the additional fabric for connecting the left and right kebaya in the chest and abdomen. Its use should be added Stagen (cloth wrapped around the abdomen) or a corset to make it look more thinner. 

Kebaya Trends 

The fashion world, had been developed from time to time. Kebaya, it sounds traditional. But now, his name had been added the word 'modern'. Progress has been very unusual design. Models, patterns and creations are always moving dynamic kebaya outfit. In fact, the kebaya is often included in many modern fashion. Modern Kebaya is suitable to be used for official party. Including weddings. Not only adults, the teens are now daring to use the kebaya. Of course with more simple models, plus subordinate fabric pants or jeans. 

The combination of various national kebaya kebaya ranging from Javanese, Balinese kebaya, kebaya Encim, kebaya Kartini, generate a form of national dress and a new motive. Now kebaya is not only found in traditional events. Kebaya has now penetrated the world of fashion, and is no longer the mothers who wear the kebaya, but many young people already interested and proud of wearing the national dress of Indonesia

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