Aug 16, 2011

Samosir Island and Lake Toba

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From Medan to Lake Toba access can be done through Tebing Tinggi continue to Siantar and crossing in Parapat (Ajibata).  While other alternative is through the path ;Brastagi, Kabanjahe, Tongging, Sidikalang, then through the Tele, Pangururan crossing to Samosir Island. Its natural beauty is the main attraction of Lake Toba. As far as the eye could see the calm expanse of water surrounded by mountains andhills, sometimes punctuated by clouds and fog that hung, giving a sense of coolnessand peace of mind.

Lake Toba, 
on the way to Harianboho and Tele, after Pangururan.

Entering the island of Samosir, cultural nuances of the thick ready to welcome our arrival, with cultural heritage and dynamic variety.

Batak Toba house on Samosir Island

Complementing its potential as an RTD (Regional Tourist Destination), dozens oflodgings are ready to accommodate tourists, both in the area Parapat and SamosirIsland.As a destination photography, this area meets the requirements to record the beauty of nature, human activities and cultural heritage of the nation hundreds of years old. With all that the Lake Toba and Samosir Island, not surprisingly, when its position in the Tourism Map of Indonesia, is in great position 5 along with the island of Bali,Mount Bromo, Tana Toraja and the island of Lombok.

Wooden dolls to show Sigale-Gale, 
near the tomb of King Sidabutar - Tomok

Hopefully in the coming years the Government more look alive again to fix theinfra-structure in the Area Toba Samosir, so that its appeal was not hurt by the difficultroads and bridges impassable.

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